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April, 2010

May, 2010

Christmas, 2008

Learning to Love the Toad Fish

Rockhopper Gets An Aquarium

Rockhopper Vs. Ernesto

Rockhopper Swims With the Fishes...Uhhh...Mammals

Formally Christened...with Rockhopper Beer

What Broke In July?

Ken's Going Away Party

Rockhopper's Easter Adventure

Frank And Suzanne Learn to Dive

Rockhopper On Parade

Boat Costs

Leaks Are Bad
These are all stories that I wrote before we went cruising full-time.  I hate to get rid of
them, but they are definitely not "crusier-oriented" other than as a "how we got to here"
sort of philosophy.  Read them if you'd like.  I still do.  
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