2008 Holiday News from the Mummerts

As always, when I prepare to write this letter, I reflect on the past year and wonder where the time
has gone.  This year is no different.  We have had what feels like a whirlwind year with so much
packed into it that I am not sure where to begin.  

I will begin with the most important news to our family; Ken arrived home from Iraq in April without
physical injury.  Although he does not talk much about his Iraq experience, I am sure that it will
stay with him for quite some time.  Ken has found his niche in the Army and thoroughly enjoys
what he is doing, so much so that he has extended his service.  He went through his re-enlistment
ceremony December 2, 2008.  As part of the changes, he is transferring to Fort Campbell,
Kentucky, on February 10, 2009.  He hopes to be assigned to 101st  Air Assault brigade, where
he will train in rappelling from helicopters.  As a medic, he has to learn the same skills as the unit
to which he is assigned, in order to provide field medical care.  Although we have questioned his
plan of learning to jump out perfectly good helicopters, he assures us it is much safer than staying
in the helicopter with Army pilots.

Frank and I have added to our rookery of boats.  Along with Little Blue (the dinghy), and
Rockhopper (the Morgan 452), we now have Gentoo, a Catalina 22 that we plan to use to teach
sailing.  Gentoo has provided us with local sailing opportunities that we have not been able to
enjoy on Rockhopper.  

In additional to teaching sailing, Frank and I were busy most weekends from January to May with
teaching Merchant Marine Captain courses and working the boat show circuit.  Along that line, I
have obtained my Master’s license, with towing endorsements.  This accompanies Frank’s
Masters with towing and sailing endorsements.  We are definitely moving along with our long
term plans by improving our knowledge and skill levels.

Frank began his “writing career” with an article in Live Aboard magazine in mid 2007.  He was
then approached to write for www.MadMariner.com online magazine in the fall of 2007.  He has
since been the front page story numerous times, as well as the featured story on Boaters’ TV.  
Frank writes on a variety of topics from life aboard a sailboat with teens, acclimating from a
house to a boat (think amps), to the beefier stories related to boating safety, medical
emergencies, and boaters’ education.  Yes, Frank is still working at his "real" job in the finance

Frank is not the only one preparing for a boating career change.  I obtained my EMT-Basic a
couple of years ago.  I am currently midway through the coursework and clinical work for my
paramedic license.  I am working full time in the law firm, carrying 17 credit hours per semester at
school through next summer, and completing 20-24 hours each weekend in the clinical/field
environment, as required for skill mastering prior to testing in August, 2009.  I thank God
everyday for giving me a supportive husband, as I would never be able to maintain this schedule
without him.  Frank and I joke about our “free time” between 2AM and 3AM – sleep is over-rated!

As we reflect on the past year and move forward with new endeavors for our future, we hope that
you and your family are healthy and happy during this holiday season and throughout the coming