Rockhopper In The Parade of Lights, 2005
Every year, the James River Advisory Council
sponsors a Boat Parade of Lights from just
south of Richmond to just before the
Varina-Enon Bridge, about thirteen miles in
all.  In 2004, we had attended the festivities at
the Osborne Landing Park and vowed that
next year, we would be IN the parade.

Sure enough, Rockhopper made it into the
2005 Parade of Lights.  She carried, in
addition to her permanent crew, our teenage
son, Ken, his friend, Justin, and our friends,
Steve, Mel and their young son, Sam.  This
was Sam's first time on a boat and he was

Rockie taught us a few things about herself
that trip - especially about the importance of
being ready for any eventuality! A minor
transmission problem resulted in us getting
separated from the rest of the parade for the
first part of the trip and we had to navigate the
dark, cold river alone.

However, we were able to catch up with the
rest of the parade before the judging, thanks
in no small part to the Henrico Marine Patrol
(thanks, guys!) and Rockhopper took home
her first boat award - Second Prize in the Big
Boat category!  Not bad for three people, an
inflatable penguin and a bazillian lights!!