The Continuing Stories of the Sailing Vessel Rockhopper

So, here's the thing - I started this website many years ago when it was all the rage to have websites.  I
never really kept it up, but I did periodically put stuff on it.

Now, everyone (except me) uses Facebook to keep their friends up to date.  Basically, the tools
necessary to make the Interwebby accessible have made things like this website unnecessary.

On the other hand, I put a lot of content on here that I am loath to lose, and I have several e-mail
accounts linked to the site.  So, if I just discontinued the site, that would become a problem.

Also, I really need a place to rant to the world and this gives me that place - even if no one but me reads

My mother had a favorite saying - "fools' names and fools' places are often seen in public places."  
Luckily (for both of us, I suspect), she passed away before Facebook emerged.  However, I guess I am
now a fool, because I intend to post my thoughts in a public place - here.

If you happened by - welcome.  I hope you enjoy your stay.


What is a Rockhopper?  Well, it depends on who you ask!  To some people, it is a type of penguin.  To others, it is someone who goes from
island to island.  In our case, it is our passion, our home and our future - it is a 45 foot Morgan ketch!
Penguin Dreams